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Police Public Press is a flag bear of a mission, working nation wide to make a crime free India. We strongly believe that a co-ordinated work of police, Public and Press bears a good deal of stuff to fight the crime out from the society. We work to Develop the relationship among the trio to be in a dimension, where the relationship will have a foundation of friendship, to ensure the growth of a productive co-ordination among Police Public Press, Public and Press.

It is our pleasure as we share the unique idea of Police Public Press that, through Monthly magazine we are working towards exploring positive dimension of Police and Public relationship. In a National network of 350 youths (as Reporter) we publish magazine in three languages ( English, Hindi, Gujarati) Produced television programmes and conduct seminar at various level all over India. We feel proud that this small effort germinated from Bhubaneswar three years back, has grown qualitatively high as this has gathered appreciation and support from people of diverse walk of life all across the country. Political leaders, Businessman, police & other have come forward and helped us a result of which, Police Public press the Relationship National Magazine, has reached subscription strength of 60,000 at present in PAN INDIA. We already organize more than 40 Seminars in different corner of India. On the subject “ Police Public Press Relationship” .

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